Dropping my chains and choosing to dance

Taylor's Taste

Two years ago I had ACL reconstruction surgery.


I think that’s when the voice started to rage.
You’re weak. It’s broken. Maybe this healing business just isn’t for you.

For a while, I chose to believe that,
chose to believe that part of me would feel forever broken, forever unable, forever trapped.

After a year of complications, tests and a whole bunch of unanswered questions, I was beginning to wonder if I was un-healable.

My mind was caught up in timelines, trying to convince myself that if I checked every box, took every joint supplement, did the extra leg raises in my physical therapy, I would heal faster.

But when the outcome didn’t seem to match my input, I found myself crawling back to those doubts, instead of clinging to Hope.

A year into my recovery, when my neighbor asked if I would like to go to yoga class with her, I thought

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the Artist’s Way

Hello all,

I picked up my copy of the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. It is “A course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self. There are 12 weeks which will take us through ” The Basic Tools – Principles”.

I am looking forward to taking this journey with each and every one of you. Please share your thoughts, questions, challenges, and successes.


Fall Recipe

Fall Recipe

The mornings are getting cooler; it feels like fall is on the horizon. It makes me think about the transition from summer activities, food, and energy to those of fall. Soon the fall harvest will be here with an abundance of fruits and vegetables that are heartier and more savory than those we have during the summer months. I love roasting pumpkins and squash with some fresh herbs, hearty soups, and crusty artisan breads. Please share your favorite fall recipes; pictures too.